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#41 HTK 3.3 - problems using HERest for supervised adaptation on a 'SHARED' System kmaclean defect critical 0.1-alpha 14 years
#271 periodically tuning acoustic model parameters as corpus gets larger kmaclean enhancement critical 0.1-alpha 13 years
#38 How to deal with acronyms or 'words' traditionally pronounced as a series of letters kmaclean task major 14 years
#85 HTK Adaptation of Acoustic Models not giving good results kmaclean defect major 0.1-alpha 14 years
#30 How to deal with utterances that you want returned as a number kmaclean task minor 0.1-alpha 14 years
#31 Julius - dealing with false-positives kmaclean task minor 0.1-alpha 14 years
#40 Using HTK single pass transformation to create other type of mfc files kmaclean defect minor 0.1-alpha 14 years
#447 convert the CMU pronouncing dictionary into the PLS/IPA standard kmaclean enhancement minor Acoustic Model 0.1.1 11 years
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