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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#417 Speech Submission Applet compiled with OpenJDK 1.6 not working with JRE 1.5 in Mac kmaclean defect critical SpeechSubmission0.1.5 fixed
#313 Change Volume FAQ - add Linux KDE Windows Vista kmaclean enhancement major Website 0.2 fixed
#351 Dutch end.php page kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.3 fixed
#397 Speech Submission Java applet and OpenJDK kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.4 fixed
#420 Corrections to Brazilian Prompts (no accents) and some text in the speech submission applet kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.5 fixed
#469 Signed applets on SourceForge and Google Code not uploading to kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.6 fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#391 submissions with no audio kmaclean defect critical SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#411 Move Speech Submission App to new (high-bandwidth) server kmaclean enhancement critical SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#438 SpeechSubmission app needs some way to detect Speech cut-offs kmaclean enhancement critical SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#361 Speech Submission - improve upload speeds: use lossless compression codec for audio (e.g. FLAC) kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.3
#368 Speech Submission - increase number of prompts kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#369 Speech Submission - improve upload speeds: new server kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#371 Submission with one empty wav file (all other seem to be OK) kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#375 playback of recorded prompts fails kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#379 combo-box to allow user to choose the capture device kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#381 If 48kHz is not supported, automatically select lower sample rate kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#385 StackOverflowError on large file upload kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#386 English - waveform not diaplaying if all prompts are 2 lines or more kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#408 Language identifier at the top of the speech submission app kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#410 Linux Users: Speech Submission app to run as a standalone app kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#412 using po files for translations kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.5
#413 Quickstart version of Julian runs slow under Vista (works OK under XP) kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.5
#430 Swedish Translations kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#435 Spanish Prompts - update kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#437 USB Microphone doesn't work with Speech Submission App kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#446 make the user profile (i.e. gender,dialect, language) a forced option? kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#451 Corpus Rating Proposal kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#457 Fix Hebrew Country in Speech Submission applet kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#465 Use FireFox 3.5 browser local storage to store audio files kmaclean enhancement major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#466 Submissions with "extreme" zero offset kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#472 home page applet requests "unrestricted access" to my computer. Not bloody likely. kmaclean defect major SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#359 selection box for non-native speakers kmaclean enhancement minor SpeechSubmission0.1.3
#372 Java createTranslucentImage NullPointerException kmaclean defect minor SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#405 Russian - more info button partially blocked kmaclean defect minor SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#407 End pages for specific languages should only show submissions for that language kmaclean enhancement minor SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#409 endpage - title on file submission list should be language specific or removed kmaclean enhancement minor SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#415 Spanish translations on WebGUI/VoxForge kmaclean defect minor SpeechSubmission0.1.5
#429 New French prompts kmaclean enhancement minor SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#436 Users can record their own prompts kmaclean enhancement minor SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#406 Italian - no warranty statement to wide kmaclean defect trivial SpeechSubmission0.1.4
#419 Braizlian-Portugues prompt lines need a prefix kmaclean enhancement trivial SpeechSubmission0.1.5
#425 Prompt defect kmaclean defect trivial SpeechSubmission0.1.6
#439 Change upload button kmaclean defect trivial SpeechSubmission0.1.6
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